Director/DP – Jason Cacioppo
Starring Sophia Cleary
Lyrics – Champagne Jerry
Music – Max Tannone

Have you ever had a job in an office? Have you ever wanted to have sexual relations with someone in said office, even or especially because the company’s code of conduct strictly forbids such “copy room touch and tickle” as I like to call it?

Have you ever been at a mid-priced hotel bar in a mid-sized city with various women in their forties talking about their kids and their careers with small hints of desperation and buckets of determination in the corners of their eyes and thought to yourself: I would very much like to go out into the parking lot of their industrial complex with them and jump in the back of their Subaru, throw those life insurance policy prospectuses into the trunk, rip off each other’s sensible JCPenney cardigans and get ridiculous on their pelvis?

Have you or someone you know ever thrown their hair quickly but neatly into a pony tail because goddamn it they have work to do and they are going places in their lives and don’t have a bunch of free time to get a blow out?

That is what this song is. Check out that motherfucking pony tail.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Kitchen