The Creator’s Project works Crystal Ark.

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The Creators Project takes a look at the new Crystal Ark video directed and produced by Viva Ruiz with the help of the SUBVOYANT team. Spoiler alert, they like it.

The Crystal Ark – We Came To (Official Music Video) from DFA Records on Vimeo.

From The Creators Project:

“Customarily, the release of a debut album is followed up by a tour of various places on the planet. Well, New York City-based techno-pop group The Crystal Ark have decided to take their tour to outer space. To celebrate the release of their self-titled debut LP, they teamed up with an all-star cast of filmmakers and musicians to create an otherworldly music video for their single “We Came To.” The video, released friday, is a testimony to the band’s surplus of creative energy that, apparently, won’t soon be spent.

For eight and a half minutes, the video, which opens in the stars and comes descends onto a sunny beach, is enough to entrance viewers into a state of perpetual existential wonder. Wooed by the dancing (including about a minute of belly-rubbing disguised as keyboard playing) and stunned by the dragonfly space station, I was ready to surrender my identity to The Crystal Ark entirely. Luckily, thanks to the handiwork of director/editor Viva Ruiz and director of photography Jason Cacioppo, the end of the video brought me back to reality completely unharmed, with my identity intact. That said, it’s cold and dark and I think I’m going to watch this video five more times to escape these realities.”